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Two global developments at this time were highly pertinent. The first was the top-down recognition arising from UNCED (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) that coastal zones were vulnerable places sorely in need of protection. The second was the bottom-up effect of concern in the scientific community culminating in the creation of the LOICZ Core Project (Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone) of the IGBP (International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme), an activity of the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU). The LOICZ Project office was involved with planning and development of ELOISE from the outset.

This initiative also stimulated activity at the national level which added to the critical mass of action in the field. For example, in the United Kingdom the LOIS programme was started (Land-Ocean Interaction Studies), whilst in France le Programme National d’Oceanographie Cotiere (PNOC) was established.

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